Dan Spell

State Director

Dan retired in 2020 with 32 years of Department of Defense (DoD) service. His vast DoD experience in intelligence-related matters (mission operations, leadership, project management, and in the Inspector General’s office) readily lends itself to leading the MUFON Maryland chapter and conducting MUFON case investigations.

Avery Christensen

Assistant State Director

      Avery grew up with a technical and mechanical interest. With an interest in the occult and paranormal he always believed but wasn't sprung to action until i had my own sighting of a UFO. After that he joined and quickly invested himself in the community and advanced to ASD. Avery handles the website and anything the SD needs. 
For work he is a full time Art handler Mostly working in the DC area with Institutions such as the Smithsonian and other institutions including all government offices including the
White House.

John Segna

Chief Investigator

Pamela Bishop

Field Investigator FI-3

Field Investigator of the Year 2021