By donating to our local chapter of Mufon you support our efforts in investigation and education of our community on the continuing UAP(ufo) Phenomenon.


Our investigations require time and resources to get to the Truth.
Some investigations require sample testing, stakeouts, Equipment and time. All of this requires funds to perform properly with strict scientific controls. This is the Primary mission for MUFON.


Monthly Maryland MUFON holds meetings to discus local cases and Current events.
We also have guest speakers to allow our members to learn, meet and question, people within the world of Ufology.  We believe the every one brings something to the table and by educating our members and the community at large, we can make common, understanding  and interest.


Donations allow us to purchase equipment to aid us in our investigations, as well as being able to educate our members on modern investigation tools and techniques.

Future Endeavors

As we Grow our Chapter will be able to begin research into various methods to advance paranormal understanding. Any donation will help to build this future so our understanding can grow.

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