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There is going to be a new sight in the heavens!

Starlink Satellites !

They are active and VERY noticeable. MUFON gets many Reports of Starlink Satellites on a regular basis. Over Time these satellites will space themselves out as a grid over our world. Once they achieve they're predetermined positions they will be far less noticeable. Until then they will be a constant cause for miss-identification. Once, spaced out (pun intended) they will still be observable by the naked eye from the ground. MUFON will continue to get reports from Starlink. Its especially important to be diligent in our checking of Starlink position so we will be able to count this possibility out.

All that being said... who is ready for the entire earth being connected?

CE-5, or a "close encounter of the fifth kind" — broadly defined as human initiated extraterrestrial contact. Defined by Dr. Steven Greer, CE-5 is actually a prototype hybrid project which has scientific research and diplomatic inter-species relations components. In this UFO event, it is humans who are initiating peaceful, bilateral contact with the ETs through conscious, voluntary and proactive cooperative communication. If you wish to Join us in our Attempts to use the CE-5 protocols simply contact us and we will add you to the conversation.

CE-5 and
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